How Does BudWiz Presents Work For Organizers?

How Does BudWiz Presents Work For Organizers?
Jan 16 2023 06:43 AM

How Does BudWiz Presents Work For Organizers?

Are you an event organizer or planner in the cannabis or alternative arts or underground music space? Do you need a platform that can handle your details around booking and registering and issuing tickets? We are here for you. Once you register your email address to be a user of the platform you can request an upgrade to be an event organizer. As a verified organizer you will be able to do a number of things, including but certainly not limited to:

  • Create Events: Physical Events or Online Events
    • Set events for private events where attendees will require a password to even access the event or any details.
    • Set Free RSVP or Paid events
    • Optionally hide address or special details until RSVP attendee is manually confirmed (helps prevent password sharing and unauthorized attendees)
    • Single Date, Recurring or Select Dates and Times
  • Create unique sets of tickets for a single event
    • Great for specialty tickets or anything with tiered access to a good or service 
    • Set unique passwords and promocodes at the ticket levels (great for tickets reserved for special guests and setting up event sponsorships)
    • Optional Seating Chart creation for venues with reserved or preferred placements and exact seat assignments.
  • Add tag profiles for all parties participating
    • Sponsors
    • Artists
    • Hosts etc. 
  • Your attendees will will receive their digital tickets with scannable QR codes
    • There is an included scanner app that allows scanning of ticket at the event from any smartphone with a working camera.
    • There is also an attendee export and check off for manually verifying an attendee should they not have their assigned ticket should you choose to use it. 
  • Add additional staff as sub-organizers for your specific event(s) with specialized roles:
    • Ticket Scanners
    • POS (Ability to sell/issue tickets directly and manually add attendees, generally only used for offline ticket sales not handled by the system.
    • ...more


If you're interested in becoming an event organizer with us, we looking forward to speaking with you.

For events where you do not charge the end consumers, there are no charge at all to use the platform (great for sponsorship based events). We also do not charge base fees in addition to other standard ticketing system costs, instead we charge a flat rate of 5% of ticket sales which covers the online processing fees by merchant services with roughly 1% going back to platform infrastructure. 

(Note: Events live prior to 1/14/2023 were grandfathered into previous pricing and fee models, and were not affected by the .5% change in processing fee costs).